Our highly engineered packaging films and laminates, offer limitless decorative possibilities and can be custom engineered to meet any specifications and can be used in many industries.

  • Food industry»

    • Meat packaging
    • Cheese packaging
    • Fish packaging
    • Soup packaging
    • Tea packaging
    • Frozen food packaging
    • Pet food packaging
  • Chemical industry»

    • Detergents packaging
    • Doy pack type packaging
    • Open bags
  • Construction industry»

    • Polypropylene packaging
    • Film sleeves
    • Big Bag type pouches
  • Flexible films»

    Our films are available with in-between-layers and top layer print, produced byflexographic and rotogravure technology.

    Laminated products offered by our company consist of a wide variety of multilayered film based on:

    • polyethylene
    • polyproylene
    • polyester
    • polyamide
    • aluminum
    • matallized foil
    • paper
  • Barrier films»

    Barrier films are widely used in many different food and chemical products, they are known for their multi functionality and they include:

    • high barrier film ensures that the contents keep an optimal level of freshness longer
    • oxygen, moisture, light, heat protection
    • effective hot/cold sealed closures
    • Attractive and esthetic packages with print protected coatings, keep items inside away from negative factors such as UV rays

    Sample structures

    • easy peel
    • peel against PE, PP, PET
    • antyfog
    • UV-blocker
    • suitable for high-temperature applications, pasteurization, cooking, sterilization
    • excellent sealability
    • możliwość wykorzystania w procesach pasteryzacji, sterylizacji.
    • increased mechanical resistance

    • PET met/PE
    • PET/OPA/PE
    • BOPA/PE
    • BOPP/PE
    • PAPE
  • Hard films»

    Hard films have a wide range of applications; we offer hard films that can be used in food industry as well as chemical and construction industry

    Hard films are APET based films

    • Available thickness from 150my to 750my
    • Hard films may be combined with PEor PE PEEL applications
    • Produced with EVOH barrier

    Sample structures

    • APET/PE

    With a wide variety of films offered by our company, this allows you avastrange of options, with all your needs in mind.


  • Flexographic printing

    Our high-quality printing in flexographic HD technology is produced by using 3 machines with up to 10 colors applications. We are able to design a

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  • Rotogravure

    The Intaglio printing process uses copper cylinders toensure the highest print quality. It allows the printing of complex print motives using up

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