In addition to barrier film, we also offer laminated film, with the option of in-line flexographic or rotogravure printing that gives you a bold, professional package, inside and out.

  • Flexographic printing»

    Our high-quality printing in flexographic HD technology is produced by using 3 machines with up to 10 colors applications. We are able to design a product according to your specifications, staying on top of the latest trends and technological developments in the field. This kind of technology was previously reserved only for rotogravure printing.

  • Rotogravure»

    The Intaglio printing process uses copper cylinders toensure the highest print quality. It allows the printing of complex print motives using up to 10 colors applications, both sides of the film can be imprinted at the same time using certain colors combination from 8/1 to 5/4. Along with this printing process we are able to apply glue for cold seal, used especially in chocolate bars packages for example.