• Lamination»

    Lamination is the very last stage of refining the film, after the film is first introduced to printing, coating and varnishing.

    Solvent free lamination

    Through the process of solvent free lamination and application of high quality, we are able to deliver a variety of films designed for various functions. The solvent free lamination process allows for in-between layers printing, and because of that there is no direct contact between the content of the package and chemicals.

    Solvent based lamination

    Glues used in the solvent based lamination process are ideal for products that later go on through a sterilization process which includes pharmaceutical products, pet food products, ready meals, coffee and drinks. This lamination method makes the foil more resistant to of the many substances that packaged products are made of

  • Extrusion»

    Plastic films are manufactured through an extrusion processin which raw plastic material is melted and formed into a continuous profile. The polymer resin is heated to a molten state by a combination of heating elements and shear heating from the extrusion screw. The screw forces the resin through a die, forming the resin into the desired shape. The material is cooled and solidified as it is pulled through the die. There are two types of extrusion that are widely offered by Ideapack: melt-blown extrusion and molding.

    Melt-blown extrusion

    During the melt-blown extrusion process the liquid mass is pushed through a pipe by blown air, the air then further expands the palstic sleeve that is later cooled. The mass hardens, and turns into a plastic sleeve. This is the most common process of extrusion used by Ideapack. The variety of shapes, technology and efficiency of the machines involved - makes the selection of films manufactured this way limitless.


    During the process of film molding, the liquid mass is pushed from the extruder through a very thin and wide aperture creating a thin and wide sheet of film. That hardens fast while cooling on the rollers. Films manufactured using these methods are commonly used with more advanced projects.


  • Flexographic printing

    Our high-quality printing in flexographic HD technology is produced by using 3 machines with up to 10 colors applications. We are able to design a

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  • Rotogravure

    The Intaglio printing process uses copper cylinders toensure the highest print quality. It allows the printing of complex print motives using up

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